Barnham students create a new A-level record

FOUR A* A-levels have put former Barnham sixth former Mark Brookes on course for a life in medicine.

Ryan achieved his top marks in maths, chemistry, biology and physics at St Philp Howard Catholic High School and is set to study medicine at University College at Oxford.

Mark, 18, of Chichester, said: “They’re a good set of results. It was a hard year but they have made it really worthwhile and taken away some of the stress.

“I’m looking forward to going to Oxford - it’s going to be a nice place to be - and I hope to work in the NHS afterwards. “But six years at university is a long time and I’ll see what happens. But I will be doing something in medicine.2

Mark got a taste of medical life as a volunteer on a geriartic ward at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester.

“I’ve always liked science and helping at the hospital starting me thinking about how medicine was a perfect mix of my intellect, interests and something I could do,” he said.

His marks were an example of another stellar set of results among the 80 A-level students at the Elm Grove South school today (Thursday, August 13) for a further record-breaking year.

Almost a quarter of all exams sat by its students were awarded either an A* or A grade, 53 per cent resulted in grades A*-B and 75 per cent between A* and C.

Headteacher Dave Carter said: “There is considerable pressure on young people to perform in public examinations and so we are thrilled with the results our students have received today.

“They are thoroughly deserved for a cohort of students who are, more importantly, well-rounded, kind, caring and considerate.”

Another student with notable results was Ryan Power, 18, of Bognor Regis. He achieved A*s in law and biology and A in maths. He is off to study law at St Hugh’s College in Oxford.

“I did law at GCSE level and fell in love with it. It’s really interesting because it’s applicable to everyday life.

“I want to get involved in commercial and company law. I did work experience with a company barrister last summer and I found dealing with big businesses interesting,” he said.

Hannah Burt, 18, of Worthing, gained Bs in chemistry and geography and C in physics to enable her to study mining engineering at Exeter University.

“I’m interested in geography and rocks and this seemed an interesting career. There are really good prospects and mining takes place around the world where you can help developing countries,” she said.

Other students highlighted by the schools included Abigial Mutch (1 A* and 2As), Catherine Wells (4As), and Elizabeth Whitehouse, Josephine Whitehouse, Hannah Masanjika and Lucy Amaladoss who all acheived straight As.

These students all achieved at least 2As out of their three subjects: Lauriane Canadas, Florence Chapman, Megan Ekinsmyth, Ronan Fawcett, Adam Owers, Nalani Schaeffer, Ellen Spurr and Caitlin Wood.

Leon Hogan, the school’s head of sixth form, said: “It has been a privilege to work with such dedicated and motivated students. I wish them all well in their future pursuits.”