Easter to be welcomed on Elmer beach

EASTER Day will be greeted on Elmer beach by church-goers.

The congregation members of St Nicholas Church in Middleton will first celebrate the day’s arrival outdoors.

Gerbera Le Fort, of St Nicholas, said: “We are inviting people to come to St Nicholas Church, Elmer Road, by about 6.25 am and then to walk down to the beach. As dawn breaks, the Easter candle will be lit, and Jesus will be celebrated as the light of the world, and also as the water of eternal life.

“The service will last for about half an hour, with people being invited to bring some hot rolls and soup for refreshments afterwards.”

All later services that day will be held in the church at 8am, 9.45am and 11.15am.

The church’s celebration of Easter week begins at 10.30am this Sunday, Palm Sunday. A donkey will lead a procession from the Shrubbs Drive car park along Elmer Road to a service in church.

Good Friday will see a workshop being held at the church from 9am until midday for children aged 6-11. A chef will inspire the children to try their hands at cooking. They can also enjoy creating Easter gardens, a treasure hunt, art work, Easter baskets and biscuits and bobbing for hot-cross buns. More details from Sylvia Marshall on 01243 585120.