Ducks left for dead at an Aldwick vets


TWO ducks are being nursed back to health after being dumped in West Meads.

The birds were callously abandoned in a poor condition in a box outside the AlphaPets surgery, in The Precinct.

They were given lifesaving treatment before being passed on to the Brent Lodge Wildlife Trust to complete their recovery to being completely healthy.

Danny Dawes, from the trust’s fundraising office, said: “These innocent creatures would no longer be with us if it hadn’t been for the skill and immediate care given by AlphaPet that morning.

“After immediate treatment, the ducks were then transported to the wildlife trust at Sidlesham where they are now on the road to recovery.

“If any member of the public has any concerns with regards to wildlife, they should call Brent Lodge on 01243 641672 for free advice and assistance.

“This is especially important as we are now entering spring and baby season will mean that our patient intake will soar.”

He said the trust welcome donations of dog and cat food, newspapers, and furniture to enable it to raise money to keep going.

House clearances are especially welcome.

“Thank you to all the public who have helped us to keep rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife across the region for the past 42 years,” he said.