Driver warning over Bognor Regis parking discs

Annabell Chapman, six, and Evie Chapman,, nine, with Rufus on top of the Fitzleet car park
Annabell Chapman, six, and Evie Chapman,, nine, with Rufus on top of the Fitzleet car park
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A FELPHAM motorist has warned others about using their free parking discs.

Brian Chapman said a simple mistake could cost them dearly.

His wife, Donna Morgan, set their disc by their car clock when they stopped in Fitzleet car park with their two daughters and Rufus, the Downview Primary School dog.

Rufus goes on adventures with the school’s Year 2 children and the family wanted to show him Bognor Regis from the top of the multi-storey car park.

He then joined Annabelle Chapman, six, and her sister, Evie Chapman, nine, at the dentist. The family returned to find a £50 fine on their car.

Mr Chapman, 56, of Brigham Place, said: “My wife glanced at the car clock which was displaying 4pm and moved the parking disc to show 4pm and placed it on the shelf in the windscreen.

“The kids were desperate to have their pictures taken with Rufus. So, without thinking, we all jumped out of the car and commenced the photo shoot.”

It wasn’t until they returned to the car and found the fine they realised they had failed allow for the fact their car clock was still set to British Summer Time.

Mr Chapman appealed to Arun District Council.

“This was a genuine mistake easily made when you are distracted by young children,” he said.

But his appeal was rejected last week.

The council’s letter stated the clock was set to 4pm when the vehicle was checked at 3.24pm.

“Although I appreciate you state you set the parking disc by the vehicle’s clock, which had not been changed since the clocks went back and a genuine mistake was made, I am unable to accept this as grounds for mitigation for cancellation of the penalty charge notice,” said the response.

“It is the responsibility of the motorist to ensure the disc is set correctly and clearly displayed in the front window of the vehicle.”