Donations flood in to Bognor Regis to help riot victims

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RIOT victims have been given a van-load of essentials with the love of Bognor Regis residents.

The generous individuals donated enough goods to pack a Transit van to deliver them to Tottenham in North London.

They were delivered on Sunday to help those who are starting to rebuild their shattered lives.

The donations were taken to the Tottenham Green Leisure Centre in the van crammed with the goodies.

One of those involved with the collection, Jenny Holmes, said: “There were some of the riot victims there.

“These were people who had lost their homes and just couldn’t help themselves at the moment.”

The mission of kindness was the idea of a group of friends from the Bognor area, as reported in last week’s Observer, after they were appalled by the scenes of lawlessness which they saw unfold on their TV screens last week.

“We had a constant stream of donations to our drop-off point in the town hall,” said Ms Holmes.

“It was surprising how quickly the box filled up. We emptied it and it would be full again five minutes later.

“Most people just dropped their items off and went, but a few people wanted to speak to us and said how much they supported the cause and that it was a good thing to do.”

The donations included a large amount of baby goods such as nappies and clothes as well as lots of toiletries and toys.

Some adult clothing and cups and plates were also crammed into the van.

“We concentrated on the baby items on purpose because we felt they were the most important things,” said Ms Holmes.