DIY library comes to Bognor Regis

CUSTOMERS have eagerly embraced new self-service machines in Bognor Regis Library.

The three machines were brought into use on Monday, February 27 after the library on London Road had been closed for three weeks.

The first two days after the re-opening saw users with armfuls of books queue to use the touch screen machines.

Library staff ensured the few hitches were quickly ironed out.

Weekly book borrower Tom Connors, 83, of Aldwick, spent just seconds taking out his four books.

He said: “It was easy to use the machine. It will probably be quicker than the old method when everybody knows what they are doing.”

Joint library manager Christine Broggi said: “We have been really busy. Everyone has been very positive and pleased about how easy it is to use the machines.”

Piles of books being borrowed and returned can be scanned together and printouts given. Staff will always be on duty to solve any problems.