Difficult subject will be tackled at friendly session


A FRIENDLY event in Bognor Regis will help get people talking about sensitive topic.

With many people finding talking about the end of life difficult, even impossible, Bognor-based artist Antonia Rolls is a mission to make it easier, and to support people and their families to think about and face that process.

Next Wednesday (July 9) the Conversations about end of life, finding time to think in our busy worlds event will take place in the What a Waffle Cafe in the High Street, in the town centre.

Antonia said: “I hope this event will get people talking about the issues surrounding end of life. A lot of people find it very daunting and often put it off until it is too late.

“When you lose someone it is a very difficult time and, by not having these conversations earlier it can be even more of a struggle.

“But these conversations can be made easier. The event in What a Waffle aims to do that. It is a friendly, relaxed place, somewhere people would come everyday.”

Antonia wants the drop-in session to be a friendly, informal discussion about dying, with herself and her colleague Gail Willington, a Lancashire based funeral director who has a similar passion for enabling this difficult subject to be talked about.

Antonia said: “The session is free, and you can stay for as long or for as little as you like. Gail and I are used to talking about the end of life and hopefully we can help you talk about it too. You may want to think about how to talk to a loved one who is dying, or may need help with talking about your own illness”

It will run from 2pm to 4pm and there will also be plenty of tea and waffles too.

As a professional artist Antonia works those who are facing a terminal diagnosis in whatever form.

She uses her art to paint their portrait, or help them express themselves and help them to tell their story.

Antonia said: “The end products of art and words are theirs to do whatever they want with, but people often chose to leave them to their families. It is like giving them a voice when they need it most.”

For more information visitwww.antoniarolls.co.uk.