Demand to act on motorists’ parking

SELFISH motorists have been criticised by an Aldwick woman with MS.

Helen Warden said the drivers who parked on pavements and verges restricted people with mobility problems getting around.

Mrs Warden, of Wakefield Way, called for action at Aldwick’s annual electors’ meeting against those who abused footpaths.

She told last Thursday’s meeting the indiscriminate and inconvenient parking obstructed pedestrians, especially those with walker frames, wheelchairs and mobility scooters like herself as well as mothers with pushchairs.

“It is particularly evident where I live on the Aldwick Park estate, of Westminster Drive and all adjoining roads, but is also evident in many areas in and around Bognor.

“Not only is this parking at best a nuisance, it is also very dangerous when having to go out into the road because of the vehicles so parked,” she said.

“There are a number of large commercial vehicles, which in 
my opinion should not be parked on a residential estate.

“The other cause for concern is that all repairs to these damaged footpaths and verges have to be rectified by the local authorities,” she said.

“That means I and all of you pay for that with your council tax. Perhaps it is time to charge those responsible.”

The 20 or so electors at the meeting, including parish councillors, voted to take Mrs Warden’s concerns to the parish council’s planning committee for further action.

Her husband, parish council member Cllr Michael Warden, said: “The law says pavements are for pedestrians and roads are for cars. I feel very strongly about this.”

The comments were backed by Mike Nicholls, of West Meads Residents’ Association. He said efforts to get parking restrictions around the estate enforced had been unsuccessful.

Priority was given to town centres.

“We all pay our council tax. People in Bognor should not get any more preference for parking enforcement than we do. It should run throughout the area,” he said.

“Part of the answer to the problem is to enforce the restrictions we’ve got. If restrictions are needed in other areas, so be it. But there’s no point having double yellow lines if they’re not enforced.”

Aldwick East police community support office Aaron Owen said vehicles which blocked pavements should be reported to the police.