Defendant claims BBC involved in 9/11 attacks

A MAN refused to pay his TV licence, because he believed it to be funding terrorism, a court heard today (February 25).

Tony Rooke, of Broyle Close in Chichester, told Horsham Magistrates’ Court he believed the BBC was involved in 9/11.

He pleaded not guilty to a charge of using a TV without a licence.

He was ordered to pay £200 in court costs and given a six-month conditional discharge by district judge Stephen Nicholls.

In court, he said he could not pay his licence, because it meant he was funding terrorism.

“The BBC are directly involved in acts of terrorism, or certainly covered it up,” he said.

However, Judge Nicholls said it was not within the power of that court to make a judgement on the evidence Mr Rooke wanted to make to support his case.

While Mr Rooke pleaded not guilty, he did not dispute the fact he had a TV and did not pay a licence fee.