Debbie Levey feared being ‘stalked’ on Facebook by Brown

Debbie Levey
Debbie Levey

A MURDER suspect told his girlfriend’s daughter her mother was a ‘slut’, months before her death.

The 17-year-old daughter of East Ashling murder victim Debbie Levey, told Lewes Crown Court today (January 20), that Phillip Brown sent her a text message in the summer of 2012, insulting her mother.

When asked if he knew where Ms Levey was, Brown replied: “I don’t care, she’s a slut. I don’t want anything to do with her.”

Ms Levey’s daughter told the court: “We were like best friends so she told me quite a lot of stuff.”

Brown, who is in his mid 40s from Selsey, is charged with murdering the woman he wanted to marry, which he denies.

Ms Levey was found dead at her home on January 28, 2013, by a work colleague. Forensic pathologists believe she was smothered and died of asphyxia.

The pair met through work in January, 2012, and broke up the following November.

Ms Levey’s daughter said Brown had been quite ‘full on’ from the start of the relationship and professed his ‘undying love’, wanting to marry her and have her children.

She said her mother described his attitude to her as ‘quite heavy’.

“She didn’t want another marriage after her previous marriages,” she said.

The jury has heard the couple’s relationship described as ‘highly charged’, with Brown described as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde character’.

At other times, Brown is alleged to have sent her very abusive messages, despite Ms Levey having deleted his number from her phone book.

“She was trying to ignore them but it was really hard,” she said.

Her mother even deleted her Facebook account.

“She felt like she was being stalked by him,” she added.

She thought her mother replied to a few of Brown’s texts to keep him happy, because she said he had a ‘temper’ and she did not want to make it worse.

Earlier in the day, the jury heard a transcript of an interview Brown gave to police on January 29, 2013, the day after Ms Levey’s body was discovered.

He said he had wanted to marry her right from the start.

“It sounds ridiculous I know, but I’m not 18 anymore and I love this woman so much,” he told detectives.

Brown claims he waited outside her East Ashling home, Cherry Tree Cottage, for five hours on the day she died, after being invited by his ex-lover.

He said he rang the bell but got no answer, but did not try the door handle or call her as he had no phone signal.

When asked why he waited that long in his interview, he said: “Hope, that’s all it is, just hope.”