Daffodils bring touch of spring to Aldwick

Angela Lilley with her pre-Christmas daffodils
Angela Lilley with her pre-Christmas daffodils

KEEN gardener Angela Lilley had a real surprise just before Christmas.

She spotted the first two daffodils bringing their yellow joy to her back garden in Aldwick.

The initial two flowers bloomed on December 20. They were soon joined by another five by Christmas Eve to give a touch of spring to the midwinter period.

Another three were in bud to provide further colour.

Angela, 72, of Bedenscroft, said: “The daffodils have been planted for about 20 years and it’s the first time I’ve seen them bloom ahead of Christmas.

“Usually, I start to see them at the beginning of January.

“I was amazed when I saw the first two daffodils.

“I went out into the garden and saw them peeping through.

“This makes the garden nice and colourful, but it’s the season of holly, mistletoe and ivy rather than daffodils.

“This just shows how the weather is changing and that it’s generally getting milder. You can’t go with the seasons now.”

The daffodils are in a sheltered location under a fruit tree and close to a fence.

Angela and John moved into their home on the Aldwick Felds estate when it was newly built in 1979.

She has just retired from doing some gardening work at Nyewood CofE Infant School.

She spends a day or two most weeks in her garden.

John, 70, tends a vegetable patch in the garden.