'What's happening to Bognor?': Reaction to vehicle arson

Readers have responded following the news of a spate of suspected arson attacks on vehicles in the area.

Monday, 4th November 2019, 12:55 pm
One of the vehicles destroyed by the blaze. Picture by Harry Howards

Police issued an appeal for information following a number of arsons on Thursday (October 31).

Commenting on social media, Ian Willkins said: "I feel for the guy. To have your pride and joy destroyed like that. See what people are saying but who says 'you can't park it there it might get torched'. You can't legislate for sicko's with no regard for others.

"Won't be the same but I hope the person or people get done and you get another 'baby' to do up and make your own. One petrol head to another."

Jo Swain said: "Just so wrong. What's happening to Bognor these days?"

Daniel Storey said: "You can't have anything nice in this day and age! Respect fro property doesn't seem to apply anymore."

Simon Bolland said: "I totally disagree with setting fires to cars. Just not acceptable but why would you take a car to a garage without a secure locked compound and park in on the road in a dark street with all the tool in it."