Warning over bogus police security calls

POLICE have warned people not to give out personal details over the phone to a man claiming to be a police officer.

The alert follows a spate of bogus calls to villagers in Walberton, Fontwell and Woodgate.

The calls are from a withheld number and the caller claims to be an officer from Chichester police. He asks the homeowners a series of security questions about their properties and outbuildings, and also makes reference to possible faults on alarm systems.

PC Steve Self, of the Littlehampton neighbourhood police team, said: “During the calls the man refers to himself as PC Pete Harrison or Pete Webster and tells the homeowners about potential faults on their alarm systems.

“We cannot be totally sure of the caller’s motives, but it appears he may be checking how vulnerable properties are in the area and the residents who live in them.

“Please do not give out personal information over the phone. Police officers do not make calls to members of the public of this nature and you can always ring 101 and check if a local officer has been trying to get in touch with you.”