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CRIME is falling faster across Bognor Regis than anywhere else in Sussex.

The reported number of victims of criminals has plummeted in the past year.

Chief Inspector Jane Derrick said there had been 916 fewer crimes in the Arun district of Sussex Police, which she heads, between the start of April and early December than in the same period the previous year.

This represented a 13.1 per cent fall and more than wiped out a seven per cent rise in the prior 12 months.

“We are very happy with the outcome but we are not complacent,” vowed Ch Insp Derrick. “We will continue to work with the community to disrupt the actions of the criminals.

“This division is very good at acting on information we receive from members of the public. We will always consider it and act on when we think it is appropriate.

“No-one ever knows where the information comes from and they never will.

“Not many divisions have done as many proactive evidential warrants as we have.”

The total had climbed to 70 when the latest warrants were executed around Bognor and Littlehampton, as reported last week.

Four of the raids took place in Bognor. They resulted in two men, aged 31 and 25, being arrested for cannabis possession in Mons Avenue and Pevensey Road.

The raids involved some 70 officers. Many were specialists borrowed for the operation from other police divisions for their expertise. Ch Insp Derrick said the police also continued to work with the UK Border Agency to ensure nationals from other countries who caused crimes and refused to accept help were sent back to their home nations. The tally so far had risen to about 20, she said.

The routine was well-established. Regular meetings with the border agency monitored the situation.

All this activity had played a part in the drop in crime. Among the biggest falls in recorded incidents around Bognor had come in anti-social behaviour. There had been 1,622 less crimes in the most recent period compared to 2011. That was equal to a drop of 28.4 per cent.

Violent crimes which caused injury had also dropped by 12.9 per cent or 81 incidents.

The reductions had occurred after a change in community policing cover last February which angered some councillors.

“People were a bit unhappy with the decision.

“We will review it next spring but I’m confident we have got the right people in the right places,” she said.

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