Thieves target Bognor Regis charity bags

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Charity shop staff have been left furious after callous thieves stole charity collection bags left outside an Aldwick home.

The two bags of charitable donations, which should have found their way through the doors of Sudley Road’s Mind charity shop in Bognor Regis.

The bags had been left outside the Aldwick Felds home for collection by the charity.

But when the Mind collector arrived to pick up the bags at around 8am, he saw two men throwing the bags into the back of their white transit van.

Despite his shouts and pleas the two men drove off with the stolen bags.

Julie Gilbert, the manager of Bognor’s Mind store, said: “The collector was absolutely furious and obviously we are all very cross.

“Morally it is just not right.

“All of our bags are so clearly marked with our name on it.”

Mrs Gilbert said the crime was even more upsetting as it came at a time when charity shops are struggling for donations.

She said: “We are suffering like all the charity shops in Bognor for donations and we are struggling to get clothes.

“When you see people’s donations, you think that is our profit. Even if it is a rag we still get money from it.

“It is bad enough getting shop lifters but when people steal bags from people’s doorsteps it is terrible.

“It has been going on for a long,long time and it seems to be getting worse.”

The Mind staff would like to advise people who donating goods that all their collection vehicles display the Mind logo on it.

Also all of the Mind collectors also carry identification.

If people wishing to make a donation are in doubt they can request to see this identification.

They can also telephone the Bognor store on: 01243 866306.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “Arun District Police are investigating an incident involving the theft of charity bags last Monday morning in the Aldwick Felds area of Bognor Regis.

“This is not a victimless crime as genuine charities rely on peoples generosity in donating clothes to support their work.

“We would encourage people to report anything suspicious specifically where they are not happy with the authenticity of collectors.”

Anyone with information on this crime, or any of a similar nature should contact Sussex Police on their non-emergency number 101.