Theft of Bognor mum's handbag 'scarred' her children and had ‘significant' financial and emotional impact on family

A Bognor mum lost sentimental items when her handbag was stolen from under a buggy, in which her two babies were sleeping.

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019, 7:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:44 pm

Christopher Collins said his wife Alexandra’s bag was stolen in either M&Co or Clark’s shoes children’s sections on Saturday January 5.

The North Bersted residents said they were left ‘incredibly frustrated’ after the theft, which has had a ‘significant financial and emotional impact’ on the family.

Addressing the thief in a Facebook post, Christopher wrote: “Congratulations on stealing our boys' Christmas money that was going in to their savings accounts, and Clark’s vouchers to buy new school shoes.

“I hope you’re really proud of yourself. You have also scarred two of my three young boys for life now, who witnessed as their mummy had realised that her bag was missing.”

Police confirmed the theft of a handbag from a pushchair in a store in London Road, but has not made any arrests.

Alexandra Collins said: “It doesn’t help the police when there is no CCTV evidence or eye witnesses.

“It was fairly audacious to take the handbag from underneath sleeping babies.

“The financial impact has been large but we have lost sentimental items. Everything goes in your handbag.”

Alexandra said shops need to take action 'to prevent this kind of activity'.

She added: "It is incredibly frustrating that neither shop had CCTV.

"We lost our babies’ favourite teething toy. The bag was carefully wedged in the pram, so there was no way it could just fall out."

Similarly, Christopher said shops will 'need to up their game on the security front' before he lets his wife 'up there again on her own'.

However, he did thank the security patrol on London Road near Morrisons, and PC Potter of Bognor police station.

"[They all] happened to be in the area and helped how they could. To be fair, not much could be done without CCTV footage or a witness.

"Hugely frustrating as you can imagine how much was in a mother’s handbag besides anything of financial value to anyone else."