Sussex seatbelt campaign is launched

MOTORISTS and passengers who fail to wear their seatbelts while driving will be targeted in a week-long campaign.

Until Sunday (September 16) covert and overt checks on motorists will be carried out to ensure they are abiding by the law and wearing a seatbelt.

The Sussex Police Road Policing Unit is running the campaign alongside a TISPOL Europe-wide campaign and in conjunction with the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

Temporary Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas from Sussex Police Road Policing Unit said: “Not only are drivers and passengers involved in crashes who wear seatbelts far less likely to sustain serious or fatal injuries you are also breaking the law if you don’t wear one.

“If you are caught without a seatbelt you can expect to be stopped and fined up to £500 if you do not have a valid excuse.

“Wearing a seatbelt is a very simple action which drivers and passengers can carry out to increase their safety on the roads. As part of the campaign we will also be educating people about the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt so that they choose to wear one in the future.”

It has been law now since 1993 to wear a seatbelt in a car without a valid excuse.

During the campaign checks will be carried out by both mobile and static units in marked and unmarked police cars.

If you are concerned about someone’s driving behaviour visit to make a report or call Sussex Police on 101.