Sussex Police stop 241 drivers in five days

CHRISTMAS celebrations were cut short for 12 drivers arrested for failing breath tests in the run up to Christmas.

From the morning of Saturday, December 22, to the end of Boxing Day, 241 drivers were stopped at the roadside by Sussex Police and 12 were arrested.

A further two drivers were arrested on suspicion of driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs, one of them following a collision.

Superintendent Natalie Moloney said: “Every year, the vast majority of motorists make the decision to drive or to drink as they recognise the perils of mixing the two.

“However, there’s always a small minority who run the risk of spoiling not only their Christmas, but also the festivities of those around them by choosing to disregard common sense and the law.

“Mixing alcohol and driving is dangerous – and ignorance of the legal limit is no excuse. We urge everyone to think about when they’re next driving when they go out drinking – especially if they have to be up early the following morning when they might still be over the limit.”