Sussex Police helps highlight the national launch of 101

SUSSEX Police officers, staff and members of the public along with Policing Minister, Nick Herbert, took part in a television interview about the new 101 non-emergency number.

The BBC’s One Show announced the Home Office’s completion of the national roll out of 101 in England and Wales and member sof the force were interviewed as aprt of the launch.

Chief Constable Martin Richards said: “I am delighted that the Home Office and the BBC decided to use Sussex Police to highlight the national launch of 101. We welcome the introduction of 101 and were involved in the live testing of the number back in July 2011, which enabled any problems with the national system to be addressed.

“I had to recently ring 101 myself and was amazed at how clear and simple the instructions and advice was.

“Sussex Police has continually been at the forefront of piloting new ways for the people of Sussex to contact us, whether in person, over the phone or online. We introduced online crime reporting in January 2011 and it has proven very popular with many of the public who prefer this method of contacting the police rather than phoning. However, telephone contact is a preference for many and 101 helps modernise and simplify this too. “

Nick Herbert, Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice said: “As a resident of Sussex it is great to be able use my local police force to highlight the completion of the national roll out of 101.

“The introduction of the 101 number marks one of the most significant changes in the way people contact the police since 999 was introduced nearly 70 years ago.

“The public now have an easier way to contact their local police force with a memorable number for non-emergencies.

“Together with street level crime mapping and the election of Police and Crime Commissioners, 101 marks another step forward in our ambition to strengthen the connection between the police and public, and cut crime.”

A total of 530,000 non emergency calls were made in 2011, with 70,000 of these being made through 101. Roughly 50 per cent of Sussex’s non-emergency calls are being made via the 101 number.

Most non-emergency crime can also be reported at