Suspicious men seen by residents

SUSPICIOUS men hanging around in the Bersted area have been reported to police.

Two different sightings of two men behaving strangely were reported to Sussex Police within three days of each other.

A resident phoned police after spotting a man in a Shripney Lane back garden on March 14.

The incident took place around 7.15pm and the male was described as white, in his 20s with fair hair.

He was about 5ft 8ins and of small build.

Three days later, another report of a suspicious man in North Bersted Street was made.

The man knocked at the door and when the resident answered told them he was at the wrong house.

He was white, in his late 50s with silver-grey hair.

The resident described him as smartly dressed and he was driving a dark-grey hatchback car.

Anyone who recognises the descriptions, or was in either area at the time, and saw anything unusual should call Sussex Police on 101.