Security advice to Bognor businesses

Police are warning businesses in the Bognor Regis area to take care of their property after recent break-ins.

The advice to shop, office and public building owners was prompted by a spate of burglaries across the Arun district.

All incidents have been investigated but Sussex Police have issued advice.

A spokesman said: “The police advice is to change locks and security numbers and passwords periodically.

“Keep attractive items such as televisions, stereos, computers, videos and hair styling equipment in secure storerooms or containers.

“Mark equipment and display signs explaining this to put off thieves.

“Have regular stock takes.

“Keep as little cash as possible on the premises whilst working.

“Remove any cash from the premises overnight.

“Leave the till open and empty Display prominent signs saying: ‘Time delays are in operation’ or ‘No money left on premises’.

“Keep your computer in a locked cabinet, or lock the door to the room you keep it in to make it harder to steal. Try to keep it out of sight from windows.

“Use security screws and bolts to make it harder for people without the correct tool to open the casing to steal parts (but check with the manufacturer that this does not affect any guarantee)

“Use passwords, make back-up copies on disk and ‘watermark’ documents. This will help protect your copyright and will mean you have a copy of your work if the computer is stolen

“Visible burglar alarms, good lighting and security lighting can be deterrents. Particularly ensure that recessed areas and doorways have good security lighting. Check any windows that are easily accessible, no matter how small, and secure appropriately.

“If any premises have CCTV we can provide posters to display in the windows and doors.”

Anyone needing any more advice is asked to contact their local officers.