Residents warn others against scam letters

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A FELPHAM couple want to 
warn elderly residents not be taken in after they received convincing 
con letters.

Pamela Glue received two such letters over just three days to the Outerwyke Gardens home she shares with her husband.

Mrs Glue said: “The letters really are convincing, we have received many over recent months and years but the two we received earlier this week look really professional.

“The person sending them has obviously gone to a lot of effort.”

The letters promise Mrs Glue 
a cash jackpot if she fills in the form and sends off her bank details or a £40 cheque to the address supplied.

One of the letters says Mrs Glue has won the main prize of £17,500.

But it was only when her husband read the small print he discovered his wife ‘could be’ the winner, she just had to respond to the letter within ten days plus send a £40 cheque.

“The really sad thing is that I know people who have been taken in by 
scams like this one. They are preying on the elderly and it is disgusting,” said Mrs Glue.

“People need to know the money 
they have been promised doesn’t exist,” she added.