Problems with bikes in Felpham

POLICE are dealing with a spate of reports about nuisance motorbikes in the Felpham area.

Several reports of motorbikes riding on pavements and causing general distress to residents have been made over recent weeks.

On March 11, police received a call about two motorbikes which were riding up and down the road in an anti-social way in Grassmere Close.

The following day another report of nuisance bikes being ridden in Felpham Road was made by a resident.

On the same road the following day, a local PCSO caught up with youths who were riding bikes in an annoying way along the same street.

All the youngsters were spoken to and warned against doing it in the future.

A complaint about motorbikes being ridden on the pavement in Main Drive was reported on March 14.

Anyone who sees such activity should report it to Sussex Police on 101.