Poster aims to improve security and deter thieves

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A new police security poster is available to businesses throughout the Bognor Regis area.

The posters follow a spate of breaks to business premises in recent months.

They are designed to be displayed in the doors and windows of businesses, and repeat police advice to remove any valuables, particularly cash.

Community engagement officer PCSO Michelle Davies said: “The posters are a response to the break-ins and burglaries we have had to businesses across the area over the last few months.

“We know it is not always easy for businesses to remove large heavy valuable items like computers, and if this is the case we would advise them to look into added security measures like lockable cabinets and to make sure the building is secure before they go home.

“We also hope the posters will also act as a deterrent advising thieves no cash or valuables are left on the premises overnight.”

The posters are available from Bognor Regis Police Station or visit for more information.