North Bersted business to close after two break-ins

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BURGLARS have led to a decision to close a North Bersted business.

Two break-ins at the City Irrigation premises within two months have caused the firm’s managing director, Gordon Hollox, to shut the operation.

He said: “I feel shattered by the break-ins.

“The business well and truly paid for itself.

“It has been a really good operation but it’s going to come to a halt now because I can’t stand this.

“It has taken three years to establish this company.

“I planned to double our staff for the coming season – but not now.”

The first burglary at the company’s premises on the Chalcroft Nurseries site on Chalcraft Lane took place six weeks ago.

Money was taken and the office vandalised with a total loss to the firm’s Bromley head office of £2,000.

The crooks got in through a six-lock bar door.

The second break-in occurred overnight in mid-August.

The burglars cleared the shelves and did further considerable damage.

Police are investigating both incidents.

City Irrigation is a specialist company that supplies irrigation and water conservation systems to parks and gardens, landscape gardeners, sports venues and the horticulture industry.

Its North Bersted branch was opened in April 2008 and its two members of staff had turned it into a thriving concern.

“It will take some time to run it down but I’m going to start that now,” said Mr Hollox.