No sign of Helen after three months missing

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Please don’t forget about Helen. That is the message from Helen Slaughter’s desperate husband exactly three months to the day that she vanished.

Ken Slaughter said: “I just worry about Helen all the time and hope she’s all right.

“We’ve been married for nearly 28 years and I miss her all the time.

“Helen just left everything behind and everything she loves; her boys, pony, dogs.

“Helen’s got two budgies and two cockatiels and her tortoise.

“Everything of Helen’s is here but the most important thing, Helen, is missing.”

On the morning of Wednesday, November 1, Helen, 48, a mother-of-three sons aged 21, 26 and 27, left early from her Barnham home like she did every day for work.

Ken heard her leave but was surprised when he found she had left her keys and phone at home.

Her car was still in the drive and though she had made her usual hot drinks for work as head gardener at Bailiffscourt Hotel, Climping, Helen had left them in her bag in the lounge.

Ken and his sons have searched woodland in the area, visited homeless shelters and rung hospitals.

But despite releasing numerous appeals, there have been no positive sightings.