Man claimed to be DCI

A MAN claiming to be a police officer knocked at a door in Aldwick.

Just after 6:30pm on March 18, a male knocked at the door of an Aldwick home and claimed to be a police officer in the role of a detective chief inspector.

He then asked for the resident by name, but did not show any identification.

The imposter is described as a white male, aged in his 60s and between 5ft 9ins and 6ft tall.

He had a grey beard and was of stocky build with a protruding stomach. He was wearing beige clothing and a woollen hat.

He walked off after being challenged by the resident as to the reason of the visit and the police were then called.

Police advice following this is to be mindful and not open the door and allow access to persons unknown.

If identification is shown check it and call the company/agency they claim to be from to verify it. If you have a door chain use it when you open the door.

Anyone with any concerns about such a caller should phone 999.