Good samaritans hand back wallet to its rightful owner

A Bognor Regis man has thanked those who returned his wallet.

Colin Mortlock dropped the wallet – containing his bank cards, driving licence and cash – in Longford Road last Friday.

He said: “Some time later a young man and his friend, obviously going out of their way, came and found me and returned my wallet.

“I find it refreshing that the good samaritans were of Eastern European origin and, to their credit, were very reluctant to accept a small reward.”

Mr Mortlock said the incident had restored his faith in human nature after a torrid 18 months.

“I was in a nasty motorbike accident abroad which, nearly 18 months later, has left me with a paralysed arm and severely limited walking, due to both legs having been smashed.”

The NHS had put right many of his injuries, he said.