Burglars are disturbed by homeowners

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HOUSEHOLDERS disturbed burglars when they returned to their Bognor Regis home.

The homeowners startled the crooks as they rifled through their property on Hook Lane.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “No-one was seen but the offenders exited over the rear garden fence into fields.

“They gained entry to the property by forcing the front door. Nothing was stolen.”

The incident happened at 7.10pm on Sunday.

A man was arrested about 4am that day after a member of public had seen him in a rear garden in Newhall Close, Bognor. A nearby shed was found to have been entered.

A house on Aldwick Gardens, Aldwick, was burgled through an insecure side door between 2.30am and 7.15am last Friday. A wallet and keys were stolen.