BREAKING NEWS: Phillip Brown sentenced to life in prison

Phillip Brown, picture by Eddie Mitchell
Phillip Brown, picture by Eddie Mitchell

A GRANDFATHER has today (Monday, February 3) been sentenced to life in prison, serving a minimum of 15 years, for the murder of Debbie Levey.

Phillip Brown, 46, of Latham Road, Selsey, was convicted of the murder of Ms Levey last week.

Sentencing at Lewes Crown Court today, judge Anthony Scott-Gall said: “This was a dreadful crime where you killed a decent, hard working mother and a valued member of society.

“You have not shown a flicker of remorse.”

He added: “The tears that we have seen you shed have been crocodile tears, replete with self pity.”

Developing an ‘obsession’ with Ms Levey, Brown pursued her relentlessly after she ended her relationship with him, at one point sending her pictures of himself self-harming.

Ms Levey was found smothered at her East Ashling home, named Cherry Tree Cottage, before 8am on Monday, January 28, 2013.

Brown was arrested the same day and bailed, later being charged with murder on May 28, 2013. He denied any wrongdoing throughout the trial.

A second charge of rape against a different victim was ordered to lie on file by the court.

BREAKING NEWS: Phillip Brown guilty of Debbie Levey murder