Bognor man strangled ex-girlfriend in fit of rage after losing game on his phone

Julian Aymes appeared at Worthing Magistrates' Court today
Julian Aymes appeared at Worthing Magistrates' Court today

A Bognor man strangled his ex-girlfriend in a sudden fit of rage after losing a videogame on his mobile phone.

Julian Amyes lost his temper at the war game he was playing and grabbed his former partner around the throat and pinned her to the floor in the savage attack in June, a court heard.

Sharon Maloney twice lost consciousness while lying helpless in her flat in Chichester before the assault finally ended and she was able to call the police.

Amyes, 53, of Osborne Way in Bognor, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Worthing Magistrates’ Court today.

In police interview he claimed he only acted in self-defence and pinned her down to stop her from getting a knife.

'Staring into her eyes and laughing at her'

Prosecutor Irene Hogarth said: “At around 8pm Ms Maloney was sitting in the lounge and Mr Amyes was on another sofa playing a war game on his phone.

“Suddenly he became really upset telling Ms Maloney he had lost the game.”

She became upset at his behaviour and asked him to leave, at which point he stood up and got in her face.

“He dragged her from the sofa [and] grabbed with both hands around her throat.

“She describes being strangled for what felt like forever.”

The court heard that during the assault Amyes was ‘staring into her eyes and laughing at her’.

Victim passed out twice during the assault

Eventually she passed out. When she came round Amyes ‘immediately grabbed her around the throat again, the prosecutor said.

“She passes out again and when she came round for a second time Mr Amyes has finally got off.”

But when Ms Maloney reached for her tablet – hoping to call the police – Amyes grabbed it and threw it in the garden, the court heard.

Finally she was able to call 999 and police arrived shortly after.

Amyes told police he was acting in self defence

“Ms Maloney answered the door in a distressed state and clearly very tearful. She had marks to her neck, arms and throat.”

Amyes was later arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

In interview he claimed he acted in self-defence after Ms Maloney attacked him.

Amyes said he only pinned her down to stop her from hurting him and from getting a knife to attack him with.

He also said the tablet that was thrown into the garden actually belonged to him.

The case was adjourned to a later date, at which he will also be sentenced for assault by beating of a police officer relating to a separate incident.