ASBO bans Bognor man from contacting emergency services

Graham Pink.
Graham Pink.

A Bognor Regis man has been banned from attending a hospital or contacting the emergency services.

Graham Pink, 54, of Stoneage Close, has been given a two year anti-social behaviour order after he pretended he was ill on numerous occasions.

The order was imposed by Worthing magistrates on Monday, June 20 after they heard he had feigned medical conditions many times.

The ASBO lasts until June 20, 2013. It bans him from attending St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, unless it is a genuine emergency or for a pre-arranged outpatients appointment, calling the police or ambulance service unless it is a genuine emergency.

He is also forbidden from behaving in a manner which causes another person to call an ambulance on his behalf unless in a genuine emergency.

He cannot cause alarm or distress to members of the public in any public places in Bognor or Chichester by feigning serious injury or illness or wailing without good cause.