Arrow fired at Rose Green house shocks disabled man

Mike Neville with the second arrow found nearby
Mike Neville with the second arrow found nearby

Disabled Mike Neville had a lucky escape when a lethal arrow was fired at his Rose Green home.

Mr Neville was being seen by a nurse when the weapon thudded into the plastic roof of his bungalow’s covered sideway.

The force of the impact could be heard throughout the property.

His wife, Janet, was due outside next to the arrow landing site just a few minutes later.

Mr Neville, who is in a wheelchair because of MS, said: “The arrow has hit two sheets of solid polycarbonate with such a force it has gone straight through the plastic. You can see how hard it has come down.

“I can only think that someone is being an idiot and walking around firing arrows without realising what effect they can have on a human being or a dog or a cat.

“You wouldn’t see it coming and it would do you a serious injury.”

Second arrow

A second arrow was found in some trees which were being felled along a footpath on Monday about 50 yards away from Mr Neville’s home.

A neighbour handed it to him to pass on to the police investigating the first attack.

This appeared to be the same as the arrow which hit his property. It is 29ins long and made of polycarbonate with a steel tip.

“This was found in a vertical position about three-quarters of the way up a tree. It’s on a public right of way and was more dangerous than the one fired into my home because of the number of people who use that footpath,” he said.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to call 101 quoting serial 0728 05/07/12.

A spokeswoman said: “It is extremely lucky no-one was hurt and police are reminding residents it is an offence for any persons without lawful authority or reasonable excuse to have any offensive weapon in a public place, and of having an article with blade or point in public place.

“The result of weapons like this being fired can also cause criminal damage, again which is an offence.”

The first arrow was fired at Mr and Mrs Neville’s home in Elizabeth Close in broad daylight between 10.15am and 10.30am last Thursday during Mr Neville’s weekly visit from a nurse.

Mrs Neville thought the noise of the arrow as it hit the plastic roof was the post.

It was not until she went to go out in her car a few minutes later that she saw the arrow.

“I did a double take when I looked up,” said Mrs Neville, 53, who works in a newsagent.

“I thought it was one of those toy arrows with a sucker on the end.”

No joke

Mr Neville, 66, said: “I told my wife it was not April Fool’s Day when she came in and said about the arrow. I didn’t take her seriously at first.”

But it soon became clear the arrow was no joking matter.

“It must have come from south of our bungalow. I don’t need to know who fired it but I do want them to know how much harm they can do with an arrow like that,” he said.

The incident has left the couple scared to sit in their back garden.

“We had some nice weather soon after the arrow hit us,” he said, “and we went outside for a cup of tea. But we felt vulnerable and we came back indoors. We have not been out in the garden since.

“I know it’s ridiculous. We’ve probably got more chance of being struck by lightning but that’s how we feel.”