Couple’s enriching experience meeting the star of ‘Oklahoma!’

Dodie Tombs with Shirley Jones
Dodie Tombs with Shirley Jones

A couple from Felpham had the pleasure of spending a cruise with famous American actress Shirley Jones, as well as teaching dance lessons.

Don and Dodie Tombs were on a cruise getaway to St.Petersburg, where Shirley Jones was being interviwed by the cruise director.

Dodie Tombs teaching her tap dance lessons

Dodie Tombs teaching her tap dance lessons

Following the interview, Mr and Mrs Tombs were both delighted to have the opportunity to met the ‘Oklahoma!’ star in person, have a friendly chat and get some memoriable photos.

As well as this exciting part of the cruise, Dodie mentioned to duke of the cruise director that she had taught Tap Dancing classes on many ships including quite a few Princess ships.

The duke of the cruise director agree to allow Dodie to teach tap dance lessons for the rest of the duration of the cruise.

For the next two days at sea she taught around 25 people the first class and 45 people the second.

Dodie said: “The cruise was great and the class was tremendous.

“I have danced all my life, starting off with ballet but as i got older i deciced to try tap and really enjoyed it.

“I have taught tap on 17 cruise ships throughout my lifetime including with Norweignen Cruiseliners,” she added.

Her husband Don said: “Dodie doesn’t get paid she does it because its been her life and she loves it.”

The couple have also received many emails back from Americans that were also on the cruise, that attended Dodie’s lessons, thanking her for donating her holiday time for free to teach.

Since she has been home, Dodie has also been in contact with Summerley Care Home in Bognor Regis, to teach a demo tap dance lesson.