Councillors’ payments rise

ALLOWANCES paid to members of Arun District Council rose by just under £9,000 in the past year.

The increase took the total amount received by the 56 councillors to £439,422.75 in the year to the end of last March.

This compares to the £430,489.95 claimed in the previous year.

The latest figures to be published by the council show its leader, Gillian Brown, received the highest amount at £22,367.

Other senior councillors, such as cabinet members Cllr Ricky Bowyer and Cllr Roger Elkins, claimed around £15,000.

All councillors are entitled to a basic annual allowance of £4.976.25. Most also claim an IT allowance.

Those in senior positions 
are entitled to a special responsibility payment as well to reflect the extra work.

Mileage and travel and subsistence costs are also paid where appropriate.

The amount for the latest 
year of 2013/14 is the latest 
stage of a trend of slowly-rising amounts.

The figure for 2009/10 came to £428,800.90 and it has generally continued to increase.