Council responds to calls to fix street flooding

Flooding on Linden Road, pic: Ann Rapnik
Flooding on Linden Road, pic: Ann Rapnik

Totally unacceptable, that is how one resident has described the flooding at Linden Road traffic lights.

Ann Rapnik wrote to the Observer and West Sussex County Council to highlight the issue and call for something to be done.

She said: “I am appalled to see that the problem of flooding outside the houses opposite the Wheatsheaf Pub in Hawthorn Road has not been resolved, after four years of complaints from residents and attempts by my predecessor, Simon McDougall, and I to get WSCC Highways Department to deal effectively with the situation.”

Ann added that residents in properties from the traffic lights at Linden Road/Hawthorn Road to Sandringham Way have to ‘tolerate waves of water pouring over the fronts of their houses’ as a result.

This is in addition to the issues it causes for motorists and ‘unsuspecting passers-by having to leap out of the way of the ‘wash’ from vehicles on the road’.

Ann went on to reference a council report, said to be dated January 4 last year, which she said stated that the gullies might need replacing.

She added, despite it being ‘a big job’ and the council having ‘no timeframe for the work to be done’ it showed it was ‘determined to resolve the problem once and for all’, but ‘still nothing’ has been done.

In reply, a West Sussex County Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the carriageway flooding issue and have been to investigate and clear obstructions on a number of occasions.

“The last time was shortly before Christmas.

“As previous attempts to resolve the issue have not been successful more substantial works are now being planned.

“It is anticipated that these works will start in the next eight to 12 weeks.”

When asked again about the allocated costs for the work and the reason it had been delayed, the spokesperson added: “I’m told that it’s a partial obstruction that has been cleared each time a crew has attended, and would appear now to have worsened.

“We won’t have any idea of costs until we open the ground and the crew will undertake any works necessary to fix the issue.”

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