Council puts Bognor recycling facility under review

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Arun District Council has confirmed it is reviewing the provision of the recycling bins at Hothamton car park, Bognor Regis.

A spokesperson said: “We are in the process of requesting comments from the public about how often they use this facility.

“Unfortunately, it seems that very few people are using the site properly as the recycling bins at Hothamton are constantly being misused and filled with the wrong items, including general waste.

“A better option may be to ensure that recycling bins are provided at Fitzleet House,” they added.

“We are speaking to managing agents at nearby blocks of flats to ensure that they have recycling bins for residents to use should the recycling facility be removed. The recycling centre at the Regis Centre Car Park will be retained.”

The council said it isn’t a formal consultation but that requests are being sent by e-mail and collated by a member of the cleansing team, non-email users can ring Arun direct or send their views in by letter.

“If there is overwhelming feedback that the site would be missed by residents then we can look at other ways to improve the quality of recycling at this site.

“While it’s not formal public consultation, we are actively seeking the views of the public to ensure that we don’t remove a facility which is required by them, without replacing it in some way,” the spokesman added.

The plan is that, even if the mixed recycling banks are removed, the textile collection will remain at this location.

“In some circumstances the council may be able to provide residents with recycling bins at their own addresses should they not currently have access to a recycling bin,” the spokesman said.

Comments can be submitted via by November 17.