Council could own pond

One of Pagham’s beauty spots could be under new ownership next year.

Pagham parish councillors will debate the merits of taking on the area’s duck pond at their meeting in January. The popular site off Sussex Drive is owned by Persimmon Homes.

But the developer wants to offload the responsibility to the parish council.

Chris Braby, the council’s clerk, said: “This is one of the few amenities we have in Pagham. Therefore, the council will have to think very carefully about it. 
I know some members have concerns.”

Persimmon Homes had carried out extensive investigations to overcome worries about the site’s drainage.

“There are all sorts of historic rumours about crushed culverts and the like,” Mr Braby told last week’s council meeting. “But that pond is fed by natural means, in and out. There are no pipes feeding it.”

The issue will be debated by the council’s highways and amenities committee next week for an initial view.