Council claims Bognor promenade toilet changes are needed to boost tourism

Contributed picture of the temporary toilets being installed
Contributed picture of the temporary toilets being installed

Underground toilets on Bognor promenade discourage visitors, that is the claim being made by Arun District Council.

The comment was made in a statement which sought to address the points raised by last week’s seafront protesters over the council shutting the existing facilities and installing temporary toilets next to the foreshore office.

The statement said: “The temporary toilets will be open throughout the summer and into the autumn to coincide with the main visitor season.

“They are designed as toilet provision for people visiting the beach which, as we know from public survey evidence, is the main reason that people visit Bognor Regis.

“The council wants to encourage more people to visit Bognor Regis and encourage them to come back again soon.

“The alternative of forcing families with pushchairs and those unable to manage stairs to cross over the busy Esplanade to use the Regis car park toilets is unlikely to generate repeat visits to Bognor Regis.”

However, councillor Jeanette Warr said people were ‘outraged’ by the move and stated there were concerns the temporary provisions don’t have enough cubicles to be able to relieve the summer demand.