Council chairman urges protestors to make their views known to inquiry

OPPONENTS of a housing scheme in Aldingbourne have been urged to re-state their protests.

A public appeal into Arun District Council’s refusal of planning permission for up to 268 homes on the Nyton Nurseries site on Nyton Road is due to take place this autumn.

A hundred letters of objection about the scheme were received by Arun. Those individuals can put their views to the Planning Inspectorate which will stage the inquiry from September 9.

But they must repeat their original objections to the for the inspector who will lead the inquiry to take them into account.

The deadline for those latest comments, and those from anyone else concerned by the scheme to be made is June 20.

Aldingbourne Parish Council chairman Laurie Ward said it would be re-sending its objections.

“We will be re-iterating the comments against the proposal I made to Arun,” he said.

“This scheme is an intrusion into the countryside in a semi-rural location.”

The farmers who worked the land and the residents who lived around it relied on a well-managed ground water level. But this scheme threatened to worsen the situation.

“A potential development of 268 homes on farmland and pasture land that absorbs rainfall will diminish its ability to do that and is likely to increase the flood risk to just to those dwellings who flooded in 2013/14 but to other dwellings in the area,” said Cllr Ward.

Last winter had seen considerable disruption to roads and homes caused by water flowing off soaked land. That was set to be worsened by more development.

More housing also equalled more cars on the village’s roads in an area with an already higher than average number of vehicles.

Objections to the appeal should be emailed to: or sent to: The Planning Inspectorate, 34/05 Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN

They must quote the appeal reference number: 2217385.