Council calls for ‘urgent’ action at Bognor play park

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Town councillors have been urged to ‘be strong’ as it prepares to ask Arun to improve play park safety.

Presenting a motion at the meeting on Monday, councillor Jan Cosgrove stated that ‘urgent remedy’ was needed to ensure fencing and gates at exisiting sites could prevent potential dog attacks.

Mr Cosgrove said the ‘current neglect of the Hothamton play area’ meant it was an incident ‘waiting to happen’. He added: “I don’t want to see a child with its throat ripped out.”

The discussion was prompted by Arun’s current consultation for a proposed new play area on the seafront and saw calls for the project’s allocated funding to be used to improve areas instead.

“We should not put off the safety provisions just because we are thinking we might see something else there in the future,” said Mr Cosgrove, referring to regeneration plans to turn the area into a ‘Linear Park’.

The proposed scheme, which is the latest part of an initiative which saw the Beach on the Beach created, was also called ‘harebrained’ by Mr Cosgrove, who cited issues including seasonal use and exposure to the elements.

Suggestions of other locations were then put forward, with councillor Steve Goodheart suggesting the ‘redundant’ Arun-owned corner of Waterloo Square.

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Arun District Council has addressed the concerns, seeking to reassure residents and town councillors that the site ‘is safe for youngsters to enjoy’ – click here for the full reply.

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