Council apologises after flooding closes public toilets in Bognor


Apologies have been made by Arun District Council for ‘any inconvenience’ that has been caused after issues with flooding saw two sets of public toilets closed.

A spokesman said the council has been working to re-open the public toilets at Bedford Road and Hotham Park in Bognor Regis.

They added: “The toilets in Bedford Road were closed due to flooding as a consequence of blocked drains.

“This has been fixed and areas of tiled floor replaced with the toilets being back in use in under a week.

“Hotham Park toilets are currently closed and the council are negotiating with contractors to ensure that the works needed to replace the roof and make safe the electrics are undertaken as soon as possible.”

The spokesman highlighted that alternative facilites are situated in London road car park

Voicing the apologies, they added the council was ‘hopeful that members of the public understand that their safety is vitally important and therefore work required to re-open the toilets must be done to the correct standards and that it can take time to appoint contractors to undertake the work’.

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