Council accused of spending more on Chichester potholes

Florence Road potholes.   Photo by Louise Adams
Florence Road potholes. Photo by Louise Adams

A ROW about potholes emerged at West Sussex County Council’s annual meeting on Friday, but had a different outcome to what had been expected.

A Crawley newspaper accused the council of spending twice as much money on fixing potholes in Chichester than in Crawley last week.

At Friday’s meeting, Labour leader Brenda Smith questioned highways and transport cabinet member Pieter Montyn on what she called ‘astonishing revelations’.

The freedom of information request said between January 1, 2013, and February 28 this year, 1,960 potholes were reported in the district of Chichester by the public, and another 11,353 were filled by pothole patrols, spending a total of £522,498.

This compared with £216,665 in Crawley – where 2,614 potholes were reported, with another 2,969 filled in.

But Mr Montyn said: “I can 
tell you that while these figures are correct, the Chichester district has nearly four times the mileage of road than Crawley borough has.

“So maybe that goes some way to explaining why rather more is being spent in the Chichester district.”

He added that Crawley borough actually had more money spent on it in context – almost £700 per kilometre compared to Chichester’s £465.