Could this be the new look for Regis Centre?

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A creative hub is being set up to gather ideas to boost Bognor Regis.

Designers Will Harvey and Abby Wilkinson have agreed to act as a focal point for those with proposals to bring new life to the town.

The Felpham couple – whose company is called Loosemarbles – want to encourage as many people as possible to use their imagination for the good of the town. Their vision for Bognor was featured in the Observer two weeks ago.

The article has already resulted in Will and Abby beginning to forge links with others interested in using their creativity to regenerate the town.

Will said: “We would like to hear from other like-minded creatures, be they architects, artists, designers, entrepreneurs or engineers. It doesn’t really matter. What is important is that these people share a vision for Bognor and wish to act to make these things happen and to capitalise on the success of Butlin’s, Bognor Birdman and the Rox events.

“If there is enough of a groundswell from people who live and work in the area, then we can put Bognor back on the map as an interesting, memorable, colourful, cultural place to be and to visit.”

To kickstart the hub, Will and Abby have come up with a design which makes the Regis Centre the jewel in the crown of Bognor.

“We aim to pursue joined-up thinking where people are involved with an holistic vision for the future rather than – in the case of the Regis Centre – forcing the most unimaginative, almost cynical vision, if it can be called that, of a multiplex on the town.

“The last thing people need is yet another screen to look at,” said Will. “We would like to see a town that can be embraced by old and young alike - an experience for all to enjoy regardless of ability, creed, colour or gender.”

That would be achieved at a Regis Centre transformed from its current appearance and roles into a building which provides enjoyment inside and out.

The surrounding area could host a marble ring, an area for petanque and a performance space for street performers such as magicians, jugglers, comics and musicians. Inside could be an ice rink, swimming pool, gymnasium, bar/restaurant, theatre/gallery, wind tunnel and sound studio. The ice rink and bowling alley would be below ground with four floors above it topped by a roof terrace.

The building would be glass-fronted and lit up at night.

Anyone who wishes to contact Will and Abby should email