Concerns were voiced

A GROUP of men hanging around a driveway caused concern for residents.

Police were called after the three men seen on and around the driveway of the Sefton Avenue, Rose Green, home caused concern.

Police said the group spoke to a resident, initially in an eastern European accent, and stated they were looking for a friend.

They then walked off towards a silver vehicle that had been left running a few metres away and drove off.

The men have been described as between 5ft 9in and 5ft 10in with stocky builds and hooded tops.

The incident took place last Thursday at around 7.15pm.

While there may be a genuine reason for the men being in the area, officers have asked residents to be cautious and report any suspicious activity. Anyone who believes a crime may be in progress or about to occur should call 999. Other incidents can be reported on 101.