Con artists target pensioner again


A PLEA not to fall foul of scammers is being made after a pensioner was targeted once again.

Pat Craven, of Seaward Court, Bognor Regis, previously spoke up to stop others being duped by the con artists but she has fallen victim to their tricks again.

Pat, 77, said: “I just feel so stupid that they have been able to do it again.

“They keep sending me jewellery and things that I have not ordered and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

“The money just keeps coming out of my bank.”

Mrs Craven says the company are able to keep taking funds because they have her Visa details.

“They just tell Visa I owe them the money and then it is taken out,” she said.

“I haven’t been sent a proper statement so I can’t cancel it. I want to make people aware that this can happen because I don’t think it is very well known.

“I don’t know how much they have taken.

“They send something every month and then the money comes out and I can’t do anything.”

Mrs Craven has visited her bank to tell them of the problem and will now only be taking money out from there.

“I am scared to use my card anywhere now. These people who do this are so clever, so smooth and so careful. They are targeting people like me. It is frightening how good they are,” she said.

As reported in the Observer in May, Mrs Craven had twice been duped by the conmen.

One encounter with the ruthless criminals saw her hand over hundreds of pounds for over-priced products.

Mrs Craven first fell into the clutches of the scam mail tricksters when she lived in Wales. She stopped using them but re-started after she moved to Bognor.

Sussex Police has launched Operation Signature to highlight the impact of scam mail on residents.

It advises people to take steps to escape the clutches of the conmen.

Anyone who thinks they or someone they know has been the victim of a scam or has been targeted should call Sussex Police on 101.