Compile plans, villagers are urged by their MP

VILLAGERS have been urged to support neighbourhood plans to give them more control over development in areas such as Aldingbourne.

MP Nick Herbert said the documents would give residents the power to set priorities for development, help to protect villages and ‘change the focus from what people don’t want to what they do want’.

The MP for Arundel and South Downs also used a recent speech to reiterate his view housing numbers for the areas must be manageable, given the inadequacy of infrastructure and the need to protect the rural area.

He said: “Neighbourhood planning presents a huge opportunity for local people.

“It enables villages and towns to plan positively for their needs and it benefits the community by protecting chosen areas from unwanted development.

“I strongly urge district councils and local people to get behind the new neighbourhood planning process to give them more control of their communities.”

Aldingbourne and Barnham are just two of the areas around Bognor Regis which are preparing plans.

They take into account people’s views about matters such as housing, transport, community facilities and drainage in their locality.

They have to be backed in a parish poll and pass scrutiny by a planning inspector to ensure they match national planning policies.