Committees have money going spare

CASH is up for grabs from committees of councillors which cover the Bognor Regis area.

The Joint Western and Joint Downland Arun Area Committees both have funding to spare.

Groups have been urged by the committees’ chairmen to apply for money from their community initiative funds which could make a difference to their activities.

The committees, together with one for the eastern area, have £49,950 to allocate before the end of next March. The joint western has £20,000-plus.

The deadlines for applications are approaching.They have to be made a month before the next meetings of the joint western committee on February 26 and joint downland on March 17.

The money comes from the county council which runs the committees. A spokesman said the fund was launched in 2006.

“Since then, the county council has awarded more than £1.2m to more than 450 organisations.”

Details from county councillors, call 03302 222527 or visit