Column will be a legacy for Bersted in the future

A LONG-LASTING monument for Bersted is set to be installed.

Parish councillors have agreed to spend some £300-£500 on creating and putting in a commemorative stone on their site off Chalcraft Lane.

It is the idea of Cllr Brian Green. He told this month’s meeting of the parish council: “This is a very reasonable price to pay for something that will create a future history for our parish.

“I think the stone should be placed outside the Jubilee Hall. It will be a column about 3ft high.”

He has proposed the column should be made out of Sebastopol stone and carved with the parish council’s crest. The column would weigh about 125kg.

“It will be pale sand in colour and it should last for 2,000 years,” he said.

He was inspired about the column by the finds he made in fields in the parish while he walked his dog. They included flints and Roman coins. Cllr John Potter said: “This column is a damn good idea – to think about the past, present and future.

“It will mean people in future years will know about this parish and who we were.”

Cllr Gez Watson also welcomed the idea. “This has got to be out in the open so people can appreciate it. It needs to be seen from all angles,” she said.

But Cllr Mike Shadbolt said: “This will be viewed as a folly, especially by people who are struggling to pay for their heating this winter.”