Collaboration Day will be celebrated in the Observer area

A DAY of collaboration will show how working together is better than competing.

Three local organisations who offer competitive services will come together tomorrow (Thursday, July 17) to show how collaborating can be better for business rather than being in competition.

In celebration of International Collaboration Day, the Core Business Hub in Bognor Regis, OfficeFlex in Chichester and Selsey Works are offering free co-working space, where business people can hot desk, use the WiFi and connect with other local businesses while they work.

They will each be promoting each other’s services in a bid to raise awareness of both a new way of working and to promote these innovative new companies.

Each organisation offers flexible workspace and a range of facilities and services to support local business and community.

Julie Robinson, Director of social enterprise Core Business Hub, said: “We each offer co-working space, where people come together to work, either on joint projects or independently but in the company of others.

“What better way to promote collaborative working than by collaborating with similar organisations ourselves.

“We could easily view Selsey Works and OfficeFlex as competition but feel there is more to be gained by working together.”

Working in a shared or hub environment is one of the newest methods of work space provision and is proving to generate successful business relationships and access to the communities they are aiming to reach.

Selsey Works goes a step further in working with the community to provide outreach services and support for getting back into work.

Young entrepreneurs, James Parsons and Jess Green of OfficeFlex have only recently launched this new and innovative company but they are already looking to develop partnerships with other hubs and other companies.

They said: “We firmly believe that collaboration is the future for business and that by working with organisations that would previously have been considered competition, we can grow an ethical, forward thinking workspace that Chichester businesses would be keen to work with.”

It is hoped that this will be the first of many collaborative promotions and projects that the organisations will work on together.